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Top casinos for celebs around the world

There is no doubt that the casino games are getting bigger every day, with online casinos been easier than ever to access more and more people are playing casino games every day. This is also helping real-world casinos as well. Many people who enjoy the experience online want to see what the real thing is like and so will book holidays in order to go and play in one of the many world-class casinos. Online casinos are anonymous, it’s easy for celebrities to enjoy their favourite games like online blackjack without the hassle of being recognised. However this does not stop some celebrities from also going on holiday to enjoy their favourite real-world casinos.

While the most popular destination for a casino holidays is of course Las Vegas, for many celebrities in Hollywood, Las Vegas is a very easy place to get to by both air and car. There are some celebrities who are well-known for visiting Las Vegas on a regular basis such as Ben Affleck who enjoys poker and plays are many the different tournaments that take place in Las Vegas. Bruce Willis is another who is known for his Vegas shenanigans, within losing over $100,000 on a single craps table one night.

America is not the only place where you can gamble, all around the world there are great casinos to play in including Monte Carlo which is well-known for having many casinos in such a small city. As well as this Monte Carlo is known for having a lots of rich and famous people living there who also enjoy the casinos available. Take for example Jenson button, he has a home in Monte Carlo and has been seen entering the casinos there in order to let off some steam.

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